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MERGING EMOTION AND AESTHETICS | Kristina Koivistoinen Khatlamdziian, Freya Architects | Podcast SFERA | EP 23

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Welcome to the 23rd episode where we will discuss about the complex process of interior design through the perspective of a young talented architect recently settled down in Serbia. Our guest today is Kristina Koivistoinen Khatlamdziian, a Armenian/Finish architect, educated and grown up in Russia, and the founder of Freya Architects. Kristina opened her studio in Belgrade after moving from Moscow, where she worked on numerous S/M/L projects.

Known for their unique blend of Scandinavian minimalism, Freya pays close attention to every detail, working hands-on with builders to create distinct and comfy spaces. Kristina emphasises emotion and empathy in her approach, making sure each project resonates with the people who use the space every day. As architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, „God is in Detail,“ a philosophy Freya fully embraces.


Freya Architects

Zagreb Design Week

“Process” wine bar

TT Eatery

Vikasha catering


Authors and editors

  • Miljan Salata
  • Igor Mikitišin
  • Nemanja Dačić
  • Denis Turanović


  • Denis Turanović
  • Igor Mikitišin

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  • Nemanja Dačić

Visual identity

  • Denis Turanović

Video and sound editing

  • Luka Jukić

Social media content

  • Kristina Vuković

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Sfera podcast serves as a dedicated platform for engaging discussions about architecture’s role as a mechanism for social change and its profound influence on shaping our society.  COPYING AND DOWNLOADING, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, WITHOUT THE AUTHORS AND MATERIAL OWNERS PERMISSION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. 

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