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The first episode introduces the program entitled Inclusive Digital Educational Anti-discriminatory AlternativeS (IDEAS). It takes us through the key elements of the whole program, and announces what it will offer, and, that is 36 podcasts structured within 7 modules. The first two modules serve as points of departure and are the basis of the program. They are Gender and feminisms and on Women’s herstories including presenting different Political and Theoretical standpoints. What follows, within module three, are individual stories of Women’s minorities – Roma, homeless, and migrant women. Module four addresses issues of Body, sexuality, and LGBTQI issues. Module five presents Lessons from political economy, albeit from the feminist perspective of analyzing Social reproduction. Next comes another burning issue of our times, the challenges and warnings about Climate changes. Can a look from a gender lenses propose some solutions? Finally, to summarize these debates the program tackles The Political, as a concept which can serve as a venue for change.

The episode also names the organizations which conceptualized the program, as well as the authors of the podcasts.

The IDEAS project is supported by the Erasmus + program and the Tempus Foundation.

This podcast, a presentation of the IDEAS program is, on behalf the Center for Women’s Studies from Belgrade, given by Daša Duhaček, the coordinator of the project, with an intervention by Nadja Duhaček.