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Here the term and the concept of feminism are explicitly addressed, first by sharply distancing us from the stereotypical images of a feminist, which is always derogatory. Following this, the episode states what in fact feminism is, and what is the meaning of the word – it stands for full awareness and recognition that women are discriminated against and that this position of discrimination can and will change, with an understanding that these changes will extend to all women, regardless of their sexual orientation, social status, ethnic or national belonging, skin color, so-called race, etc.

Feminism appears in modernity when hierarchical systems were generally challenged – at least theoretically. That is the contents, the conceptual substance of feminism. But the episode also reminds us that feminism appears in different formats. Namely, it appears as a theory and as a movement, i.e. as a political practice, and as activism, and they are intertwined and codependent.

Finally, the episode briefly looks at the history of the movement with the understanding that the following module will introduce different feminist theories.

The text of the episode written and read by Daša Duhaček

For further reading:

Rosemarie Putnam Tong,  Feminist Thought Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 1988.

Judith Butler and Joan W. Scott, eds. Feminists Theorize the Political

Routledge, New York, 1992.