Ep 89

Lepa vest: Danko Jevtović u bordu direktora ICANN-a

EU nastavlja da ozakonjuje moderno društvo

Applemass 2018

iPhone X🅁, iPhone X🅂, iPhone X🅂 Max

Introducing iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR — Apple

Rene o S iteraciji…

A short but necessary rant about the display: A year later and a lot of people who really should know better still insist on calling the OLED iPhone a „Samsung display“ and crediting pretty much everything about it to Samsung. That’s as much bullshit now as it was then. (Maybe even more, if rumors of dual sourcing turn out to be true.) Sure, Samsung manufactured the OLED panels using its PenTile process, but it did so to Apple’s order and specifications. Calling them Samsung displays, regardless of how clever that may make some feel, is like calling the A11 or A12 Bionic a „TSMC chipset or the iPhone itself a „Foxconn Phone“.

Sjajan Daring Fireball review.

Austin Mann o kameri, kao i uvek

Making sense of the most confusing new iPhone lineup ever

iPhone XS LTE speeds up to 266 percent faster than iPhone X, early test reveals — Apple Insider

What’s the difference between IP67 and IP68? — iMore

The iPhone Franchise

iPhone Xs Mac vs Macbook Pro 13

Apple Watch Series 4

Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 — Apple

Rene Ritchie pokidao i padao 🙂

Gruber on a roll: sjajan tekst o Series 4

Apple Watch — Dear Apple

How Apple Watch saved my life — ZDNet

Apple Watch “detektovao” ujed pauka

Appleov eSIM dostupan i u Hrvatskoj?

Spisak 10 zemalja u kojima je moguće koristiti Appleov eSIM

iOS 12, watchOS 5, Safari 12, tvOS 12

iOS 12: The MacStories Review — MacStories

r/apple — iOS 12 runs so well that it’s making me reconsider my XS preorder…

Apple Books: A Love Letter to Readers

Ricky Mondelo o novostima u Safari 12

Why Dolby Atmos coming to the Apple TV is a big deal — The Verge

watchOS 5: The BirchTree Review

watchOS 5: The MacStories Review

Car Play sada podržava 3rd party mape i Google Maps je već tu. Jovan Lukić javlja da to radi mega dobro u Beogradu.

Razno & preostalo

All the little things — MacStories

Forget the new iPhones: Apple’s best product is now privacy — Fast Company

Lisa Jackson ne priča u prazno. Appleova primarna strategija jeste da uređaji traju duže

Šta o tome misli Horace Dediu?

AirPower izgleda definitivno mrtav


Apple announces new iPhone battery repair prices after $29 offer ends at end of year

This is how Apple is going to revolutionize iPhone screen repairs — iMore

Zanimljiv, moderan macOS media player: IINA

How to Move Your Evernote Notes to Apple’s Notes — TidBITS

An Oral History of Apple’s Infinite Loop — WIRED


Snimljeno 20.09.2018.

Uvodna muzika by Vladimir Tošić, stari sajt je ovde.

Logotip by Aleksandra Ilić.

Artwork epizode by Saša Montiljo, njegov kutak na Devianartu.