Ep 116

Apple reveals new AirPods Pro – Apple

iFixit tear-down. Batteries made by Varta.

Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2 With New Emoji, Deep Fusion for iPhone 11, Siri Privacy Options, and More – MacRumors

Apple Q4 2019 Breaks Records Despite Slipping iPhone Sales – TidBITS

You just can’t not love Rene. 😉

Apple TV+ Streaming Service Launches With ‘Dickinson,’ ‘For All Mankind,’ ‘See’ and More

Six Reasons Why iOS 13 and Catalina Are So Buggy – TidBITS

Colby Aley:
Turns out that armed with your iCloud credentials, the thief can remove Find My iPhone from the device, then resell it as if it’s new.

Korisne stvari

Batteries Widget for Mac | Track all of your devices’ batteries from one place. Get notified when they need recharging

Re-download Archived macOS Installers to Address Expired Certificates – TidBITS

Convert File Encoding Types – krypted

Web Server Bash One Liner for Linux or Mac – krypted

How to Mirror Selected Screens in a Multiple Monitor Setup – TidBITS


Earth and Sun – Bartosz Ciechanowski

Tajči ima podcast: Waking Up In America

Bajaga i Instruktori – 220 (Plava Verzija) (1985, Vinyl) | Discogs

35 Year-Old C64 Easter Egg Hidden On Vinyl

iPod Turns 18: Here’s What People Thought in 2001

Jobs interview from 1985 in Playboy.


Snimljeno 1.11.2019.

Uvodna muzika by Vladimir Tošić, stari sajt je ovde.

Logotip by Aleksandra Ilić

Artwork epizode

Čuvari izmaglice/Fog Guardians

  1. ulje na dasci/oil on wood panel
    195 x 70 cm
    privatno vlasništvo / private collection

by Saša Montiljo, njegov kutak na Devianartu.

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