What to do when your economy mainly depends on tourism and entertainment? | Mondopreneur EP 002

In the second episode of Mondopreneur podcast, we are talking to Dania Beckford, an entrepreneur and employee in the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport. She is a Brand Communicator and Body-positive advocate. She runs her own fashion label BroadTail and they produce and ship worldwide swimsuits and accessories and costumes for the famous Jamaican carnival.

She gets insights from both sides, as an entrepreneur but also as someone working in a government institution.

Some of the topics we covered are, what is the state of entrepreneurship in Jamaica, what have changed with new generations and globalisation, what is the distinction between formal and informal economy, and what industry generates the most money that contributes to national GDP and how are they trying to overcome obstacles.

Dania is also sharing some advice on how to overcome and embrace the challenge and change that is inevitable the main characteristic of our time.

This conversation, as any other, is not just about the future trends or current situation, it is an intimate history of one country in this challenging time.

– Short introduction, education and work background and how Danya started her business.
– State of Entrepreneurship in Jamaica and what kind of help their government is offering to starters and entrepreneurs.
– Covid-19 and Jamaica is dealing with issues related to the spread of virus.
– Government incentives and state of entertainment industry.
– Transformation of small businesses in Jamaica.
– What is the future? Is this the time to reimagine the future?

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