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On the first full day of the new administration in Washington and the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, we talk about foreign policy with a political science student from Columbia University.

The world is currently expecting great changes in US policy abroad. It is expected that the country will be more present on the world stage and in the international institutions, which were greatly abandoned during Trump’s term in office.

The world is also watching how things between China and the USA will evolve, and how will Joe Biden approach the rising power of China. Did Covid – 19 decisively influence this relation, or would have these tensions happen nevertheless?

Will relations with Russia show signs of improvement or will Biden’s plan to deal with Russia’s influence in Europe, help it deteriorate even more?

We hope that your questions about US foreign policy get answered in this episode, but if not, you are welcomed to send us a message via our social media and we will be pleased to answer them.