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We started this episode with a new crew member, Jovana. From now on, the trio Bojana, Kristina and Jovana will discuss topics of life habits and well being of young people.

In this episode we spoke about dieting, our eating habits, and eating disorders.

We shared our experiences with different diets that we tried out and tried to define ‘healthy diet’.

How are families reacting when you’re on a diet? We discussed about different perspectives and why it’s important to have support.

Who reads food labels for chips?

If a shoe doesn’t fit you, you don’t blame your feet, you just go to find one that does. So, when a dress doesn’t fit, why blame your body? You are not meant to “fit into” clothes, clothes are meant to “fit onto” you.

What is an eating disorder? Why do we have them? How can we treat them?

Young people usually don’t have time or conditions for building heathy eating habits, so we gave you some tips as well.

🎡 Since we tackled a lot of topics about healthy dieting, feel free write us which topic was the most interesting to you and about which one would you like to know more!

▶️ Question for all of you:

Are you a fanatic who reads food labels? If yes, tell us what are you reading and if not, also let us know why.