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(Episode is in Serbian language)

In this conversation we explore storytelling with Relja Dereta. Relja is best known for his ability to transform semi-interesting presentations into exciting and memorable public appearances. He has worked with dozens of TED and TEDx speakers, executives and activists, helping them capture their audiences and deliver their message when they really need to. We explore what makes a good presentation, a good message, a good and memorable public performance. We discuss the significance and evolution of storytelling and the role it plays in today’s culture of public speaking.

In some circles Relja is better known for his tango skills. He is an instructor and project coordinator at Tango Natural, the largest Argentine Tango community in the region, and one of the largest in Europe. We asked Relja to share some of the music that inspires him and he more than delivered. Well connected in the tango community that he is, he kindly got us licences. I hope this inspires you to explore this beautiful genre further.

1. Otros Aires – Milonga Sentimental (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIZj1m-rt1c)
Milonga Sentimental is almost a century old, originating from the early thirties, revered by countless generations of tango lovers. Otros Aires is a tango music project, founded in Barcelona in 2003. You may find them on all major streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify and others), and you may enjoy their music on their Bandcamp site at https://otrosaires.bandcamp.com

2. Orquestra Romantica Milonguera – And I Love Her (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4f8mNro28E)
This is a well known classic from The Beatles, with a tango twist which breathes it a new life. After I heard the song, I binge-listened many more from this band. We hoped it excites this conversation a bit more. You may enjoy the Orquestra Romantica Milonguera on major streaming platforms, read more about them at https://www.facebook.com/romanticamilonguera/ and buy their tunes at https://romanticamilonguera.bandcamp.com

3. At the end of the conversation we enjoy another take on Milonga Sentimental by Balkan Aires feat. Otros Aires.