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In this 11th episode of WeBER2.0 podcast, a special edition of European Talks focusing on the EU integration of the Western Balkans, host Miloš Đinđić, Programme Manager of the European Policy Centre, Belgrade, and WeBER Lead Researcher, welcomes a distinguished guest, Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis. Professor Nicolaïdis is the Chair of Global Affairs at the EUI School of Transnational Governance in Florence, and her contributions to the field of International Relations and European integration are remarkable.

During this engaging conversation, Professor Nicolaïdis shares her extensive insights into various aspects of European integration, global affairs, and democratic theory. With her wealth of knowledge in these domains, she explores the relevance of citizens’ consultations and the role they play in WeBER’s initiatives. The Democratic Odyssey, a groundbreaking project, serves as a blueprint for our discussion, offering valuable insights into the future of citizen engagement in the Western Balkans.

Join us in this enlightening conversation as we delve into the exciting realm of democratic participation and its potential to shape the future of the Western Balkan region. We are delighted to have Professor Nicolaïdis on board for this inspiring episode.

Visit her website for more information: