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The Podcast HQ

Your next level audio

We are the first and most popular podcast aggregator/podcast production company in Serbia with many years of experience and numerous podcast productions behind us.
As our team is getting bigger, we are ready to offer our expertise, knowledge, and finesse to a global market with the same devotion, attention to detail, and professional standards that made the podcast.rs what it is now.

So we made the next step, the one that had brought us to you:

PodcastHQ – full-service podcast production 

Our services:

– Dialogue cleanup and editing
– Sound design – ambiences, foley, sound effects
– Music curation and rights management
– Original music score production
– Intros, outros, jingles and sound logos production
– Project and production management
– Podcast distribution

Since our company is based in Serbia, we can deliver all the services for a price significantly lower than EU or USA standards, but while keeping the premium level of service.

Please use your headphones while listening to samples of sound design work your new scripted audio podcast could have.

For a price estimate of your project or any questions regarding audio production and other features of our studio contact us at:

sound [at] podcast.rs

Trailer  1

Binaural spatial sound and ambiances, sound design and effects, music curation. 

Trailer  2

Binaural spatial sound and ambiances, sound design and effects, original music score.