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Interview with Ms. Lidija Mračević, who emigrated from Sarajevo and through Belgrade came to Prague.

This module is devoted to giving a voice to women who belong to vulnerable groups. All the episodes within this module are interviews with women from groups who are under multiple discrimination, first as women, and then also as members of groups who are discriminated against.

All the interviews are conceptualized and led by Selma Muhič- Dizdarević and are a result of her long-term engagement and in-depth academic research of migrant, Roma, and homeless women in the Czech society. However, what is addressed here are the issues of discriminatory practices which are very much present in many other societies. Importantly, the interviews, following the life trajectories of these women, are also focused on how to resist and overcome discrimination.

All the interviews were conducted in Czech, transcribed, and translated in order to be recorded in English. Interviews in English were read by Daša Duhaček and Jovana Tougeron Tripunović.