In episode 43, we spoke to Hecgli Alvarez from Caracas, Venezuela. She shares with us how she ended in Serbia in 2014, and what it looks like to search for a job in a foreign country. She explained to us, to be a digital freelancer, you need to be confident and open enough to leave everything behind and try something new. As a person living in Serbia for almost a decade, she made a parallel between Serbia and Venezuela and the mindset of people living in those two countries. She shared with us what are the challenges for entrepreneurs in Venezuela and why do they choose to go abroad.

She told us how she spent the year 2020 and what changed in her life.
For the end she shared with us what are her plans for the future and how to keep that open mindedness and inner joy.

– Introduction
– Digital Freelancer
– Parallel between Serbia and Venezuela
– Year
– Plans for the future

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