Life and Business in China after the Break out of Covid-19 | Joint Effort in Overcoming the Period of Crisis | Mondopreneur podcast EP 001

In the very first episode of Mondopreneur podcast we are talking to Feng Yu, a journalist and a translator from Shanghai, China.

Some of the topics we talked about with Feng were how the life looked like at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 in China, what was the role of media in spreading the “panic” and what damage can it make if we turn to unreliable sources of information, what was the reaction of Chinese government and how did they helped entrepreneurs and company owners in order to recover the economy, how did small-scale business adapted to new situation, what is the role of Big data in stopping or keeping under control the spread of Corona virus, and what is the cost of new normal we can afford.

Is the future of economies around the Globe in equal status of domestic and foreign suppliers of goods and services and how did China managed to recover its economy for extraordinary 90% of pre-Covid time, what is the meaning of the word solidarity and how to cope with not only with Covid-19, but also with anxiety, fear and panic and how to learn to live, love and work, remotely.

– Introduction and brief representation of the guest
– How the life looks like after the spread of Covid-19
– Help and recommendation of the government
– Big data issue
– Privacy issues and security issues
– Measures against those who do not obey to rules
– Her life at the beginning of pandemia
– Ordinary life
– Media and mix of rumours and information
– Panic, fear and anxiety
– Transformation of small-scale business, new business models
– Women in business
– Message

Read the transcript of the episode here: https://bit.ly/3gf9Mtm

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