In the episode No 3 our guest is Eszter Harsányi, a social entrepreneur from Budapest, Hungary. She is sharing her story with us: what sparked her a decade ago to leave her safe job as a public servant and start her own business. Although she was solving her own problem, she is solving others people problems and through her activities helps to solve wider problems in one community.

We talked about social entrepreneurship, what is the level of understanding what social entrepreneurship really is and whether it is a business model for the future. We also spoked about how pandemic influenced her life and what is the state of entrepreneurship in Hungary. As she is the mom of two boys, the issue of home-schooling and online classes was also important for her. Are we that much different or are these everyday challenges are something that we all share?

How do we perceive women in patriarch societies, what is her role and what are possible solutions is something that we also tackled in this conversation?


While relistening the audio file and preparing translation into Serbian language, I have realised that I have made a terrible mistake. In one moment, at the beginning of conversation with Eszter, I said that chalange she has, with baby boy born with epilepsy, in nothing in comparison to Covid 19.
I apologize, especially to Eszter, that was not my intention. It was just an honest mistake, due to excitement.

– Introduction
– Home-schooling in the context of Covid-19
– Women entrepreneurs in Hungary
– The role of media during pandemic
– Social entrepreneurship and the role of the government
– New and sustainable business models

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