Education is a key-word, starting and ending point in facing challenges | Mondopreneur EP 004

In today’s podcast, we are talking with Jana from Estonia. We covered some very interesting topics like, why education is so important in overcoming obstacles in life and business. We talked about what measures Estonian government took to help its entrepreneurs and employees and what was the state`s and media`s role during the harsh Covid-19 crisis period. We deepened our conversation with topics like, where is the place of girls and women in modern society, how can more experienced colleagues help us to run our start-ups and businesses.

– Introduction
– Project “Objekt”
– Estonia as a “start-up country” and the role of government and other public institutions in building sart-up ecosystem
– “Skype effect” and how to stay humble even if you are running unicorn company
– Reaction of government to COVID-19 in Estonia
– Prototype, prototyping and Prototron, the role of prototyping and design thinking
– Girls in tech
– Message to the world

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