After a six-week-long conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a ceasefire deal has been agreed upon and came into effect on 10 November 2020.

This podcast aims to shed light on whether and how peace can be sustained in the next years, as well as to explore the potential of the EU’s post-conflict efforts.


Benyamin Poghosyan
– Chairman of the Centre for Political and Economic Strategic Studies in Yerevan
– Former director of the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the Armenian Ministry of Defence
– Graduated at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Anar Jahangirli
– Consultant in public affairs and communication
– Former diplomat from Azerbaijan, with the focus on NK
– Graduated at Harvard

First part here: https://soundcloud.com/europeantalks/e_27_10-armenia-and-azerbaijan-at-the-same-table-an-attempt-to-approach-opposing-positions

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