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Climate Change and Local Government: Can Municipalities Lead the Way in Sustainable Practices? | E07S03

🎙️ Welcome to a riveting new episode of Spotlight Podcast! 🌟 In this instalment, we are honoured to host the accomplished Dr Peter Eckersley, Associate Professor in Public Policy and Management at Nottingham Business School (NBS). 🌐

📚 Role and Expertise:
Join us as we delve into the multifaceted expertise of Dr. Eckersley, whose research spans central-local government relations, public policy, climate change, sustainability, and public accountability. As the Managing Editor of Local Government Studies and Co-Convenor of the UK Political Studies Association’s Specialist Group on Local Politics, Peter wears many hats in the academic landscape.

🌍 Global Insights on Climate Policy:
Discover the global perspective Peter brings to the table as he works part-time at the Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space in Erkner, Germany. His focus on studying climate policy in German cities adds a rich layer to our discussion, especially as we explore the major questions raised in his recent articles.

🚀 Academic Journey:
Peter’s academic journey is nothing short of inspiring. From joining NBS as a Senior Research Fellow to earning the prestigious title of Associate Professor in 2023, his commitment to academia has been unwavering. We’ll explore his experiences at renowned institutions like the University of Sheffield, the University of York, and Newcastle University Business School.

🎓 Insights from Research:
Get ready for a deep dive into Peter’s groundbreaking PhD research, where he uncovered the impact of intergovernmental systems on the climate protection approaches adopted by cities in England and Germany. This theme sets the stage for our conversation as we explore the major questions raised in his recent articles:

How do budgetary constraints, weaker civil societies, and lower levels of political support create challenging structural conditions for successful climate transformations in industrial cities?

How do historic cities navigate limitations while identifying climate change as threatening their built heritage?

How do university cities leverage economic conditions and support from civil society, politics, and the local research community to succeed in climate policies?

🌟 Practitioner Experience:
Peter brings practical wisdom to our episode, drawing from his extensive practitioner experience. With a background at the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) and the City of Edinburgh Council, he advised municipal governments on crucial issues ranging from performance management to sustainability.

🌐 Climate Keywords:
Explore critical terms shaping our climate discourse, including carbon footprint, renewable energy, climate action, sustainable living, climate adaptation, the Paris Agreement, greenhouse gases, climate science, and climate policy.

🏛️ Local Authorities-related Terms:
Dive into local governance with discussions on local government, municipalities, city planning, urban development, community engagement, city council, sustainable cities, urban resilience, and local policies.

🎉 Join the Conversation:
Take advantage of this opportunity to gain insights from a seasoned academic and practitioner! Join us for a thought-provoking conversation with Professor Peter Eckersley on the intersections of policy, climate change, and sustainability.

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🌐 About Spotlight Podcast:
Spotlight Podcast brings you engaging conversations with leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in diverse fields. Join us as we shine a light on innovative ideas, research insights, and thought-provoking discussions.