Chair ep.18 – Branislav Loncar – Future of advertising – Marcel is here

Today huge innovation, that big that completely changed the business model, and as it goes the whole industry. To have even bigger significance, an industry that is entrenched in its own success for the last 115 years – advertising!

On this subject we talk with Branislav Loncar, CFO of Publicis Groupe SEE.

Branislav specializes in evaluation of investments, audit and accounting. But there is much more about him than it meets the eye.

Bane is the youngest CFOs that Publicis Groupe ever head, and for a few years now, Southeast Europe cluster part of Publicis Groupe that he leads has best KPIs

His team was responsible for ERP development that got highest marks from internal audit from Paris, and this brought Branislav the title “Young manager of the year” in Serbia back in 2018 within Serbian Association of Managers.

Desire for new knowledge and professional development led him to MBA academic program at Cumbria University in London where he graduated last year.

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Guest: Branislav Loncar

Host: Nemanja Timotijevic

Production: Direction (https://studiodirection.com/​)

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